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Seeds - why seeds are protected

Seeds that are more precious than gold


Seeds are among the most precious things that we have on earth.

They may be tiny but they hold within them the future of our earth.

Throughout the ages people have always prized and understood the value of seeds. In fact there are some seeds that weight for weight are more expensive than gold.

But more than that, we realize that the seeds of the earth have to be protected against possible future calamities. 

We don’t want our natural heritage of biodiversity to be destroyed by some calamity.

In view of this, far seeing scientists and philanthropists have built an International Seed Vault at Svalbard on a Norwegian island to preserve the world’s seeds in case of calamity. (Something like Noah’s Ark!)

The seed vault has been specially designed so that it will survive any man-made or natural catastrophes such as nuclear wars, earthquakes or hurricanes.

The island is close to the North Pole so that the seeds can be kept cold by the freezing climate and the permafrost - or permanently frozen ground.

In addition to this, the world seeds will be protected by metre-thick walls of concrete re-enforced by steel.

Governments as well as the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations have donated money to ensure the success of the project.

Is it any wonder that so much has been spent to preserve them? The earth’s seeds are indeed precious. The future of our planet depends on them.