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Non-toxic sprays for the Garden

How to spray without using poisons

Non-toxic sprays

Gardeners everywhere are becoming very aware of ecological issues.  We all know what damage we can do to the environment when we use toxic sprays and poisons.  Not only do we poison the environment as a whole, but we also ruin the ecological balance of our own gardens.

To the organic gardener, poisonous pesticides, toxic fungicides and all manner of toxic sprays are anathema. And so I have put together a selection of non-toxic sprays and environment friendly solutions for certain pests and diseases.

Most of these following environment friendly sprays are particularly well suited to the rose garden but you should also try them in your vegetable and flower garden. 

Firstly we will need to divide our garden protection program into two separate areas.  Garden problems arise mainly as a result of pests or diseases and we have to attack these problems differently. 

Itís no use spraying your roses with a fungicide if you are being invaded by thrips or aphids.  These are insects and you will have to protect your plants against them using a specific insect repellent. 

Similarly, you cannot cure a mildew problem by spraying your plants with an insecticide.

With that in mind I have provided some solutions for:

Non-toxic sprays for fungal diseases in plants and roses

Non-toxic sprays and repellents for Insects


Get rid of pests without Poisons

There is also a book that you can download that has excellent organic methods for dealing with pests without using poisons.  It is called "Organic Pest Control Secrets" and you can find it here:

Organic Pest Control Secrets



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