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Use Perennials for Carefree Gardening


Perennials are flowering plants that keep on growing for several seasons. They need to be cut down at the end of the flowering season so that they can lie dormant for a while.  

The next season they will start sprouting again and will give you an even better show than the first season. 

Perennials provide us with the most care-free varieties of flowering plants. And of course a great advantage is that they give us permanent clumps of flowers in the garden. 

Perennial flowers include Barbeton daisies or gerberas, Irises, lily varieties, carnations, hydrangeas, geraniums and so on. 

In order to have a continuously flowering garden you should make a few plantings of both annuals and perennials.  

For example, you could plant a clump of irises in a nice sunny spot and surround them with a sea of blue lobelias or alyssum.

And then, when the Irises bloom they will seem to emerge from a mass of blue or white.

The irises won't need to be replaced when you have to discard the annuals.





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