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My Favorite Red Roses


Three of the Best Red Roses in my Garden

There are so many lovely red roses to  choose from that it is very difficult to choose a few of the best.  The roses that I have selected for my favourites are the ones that appeal to me personally.  Also they have outshone the others in my garden.  So I speak from personal experience.

Here are 3 of my favorite red roses - the red roses in my own garden that that are doing well and that I love the best.

Mr Lincoln This is a huge deep red rose with a wonderful fragrance.  The bush in my garden is only a year old but it is already over 12 feet tall.  I only have one of these in my garden but it produces buds and flowers in profusion. It shows up magnificently against our white garden wall and looks quite superb. I have picked many of these huge roses for the vase and the display is what I would call a show stopper.

Ingrid Bergman This rose is less dramatic than Mr Lincoln but the bush flowers in profusion and the flowers are also very large. The flowers are not very scented but they make up for this with their lovely colour and shape. It is a most endearing red rose for the open garden.

Five Roses A perfect classical rose perfect for exhibition.  This rose  does not have as many flowers as Mr Lincoln or Ingrid Bergman but I love it for its perfect Hybrid Tea shape. Just one of these long-stemmed beauties in a vase is quite breath-taking.