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The most fragrant roses in my garden



My favourite Fragrant Roses

Here is a list of the most fragrant roses in my garden.

They all have a wonderful fragrance and add something special to my rose garden. 

But if you want to know my personal favourite among these fragrant roses - its Double Delight - and I'll tell you why.  It has the strongest and loveliest fragrance of all, it's spectacular to look at with it's lovely two tone colour and it lasts for ages in the vase without dropping its petals.  A really superb rose.  There is a picture of it right above this description.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot - there's another reason why I love it - the bush is strong growing, trouble free and prolific.  What more can you ask for in a rose?

Here is my own list of fragrant roses:-

Double Delight

Duftwolke (Fragrant Cloud)

Just Joey

Mister Lincoln

Garden Queen

Red n Fragrant